Buying Driving License Without Test

By what means, will you send me my purchased driving licence?

Your purchased driving license will be sent to you via a national or international shipping agency, depending on the country where you are. We usually use DHL services. The sending of this document is done in the safest possible way.

Buying Driving License Without Test

A real driving license on this site costs as from 850 pounds (GBP) and can go up to 1500 pounds depending on the categories requested. The cost of sending your driver’s license is included in this payment. In addition, the purchase of a driver’s license is made in two installments, one half before and one after the ultra-secure delivery of the document.

How long does it take to buy a driving licence from us?

From the moment you submit your information by correctly completing our form that contains all the elements of your identity that will be required to obtain the driver’s license , you must wait 5 to 6 days for your driver’s license to be sent to your address in one in discreet by our usual sending agency.

Is the information on the information form sufficient for the design of the driving licence?

Well, yes, the form the link  below, the required information is quite complete because you can send us your photo, some of your documents and any other information directly through this site via your telephone or your computer. Do not worry about your data, because the sending is secured by end-to-end encryption and therefore your data is safe.

You can also contact us simply by the contact page and we will be happy to talk to you through our e-mail address exdocumentservice414@gmail.com and give you all the information to buy a driver’s license through our website.

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 Should I leave my driving school?

Of course no. If you are already enrolled in a driving school, you can still follow your driving courses, especially those practical. You do not need to do the written and practical exams. We make it easy for you to get a driver’s license, but you need to master driving.

You can also buy a driving license safely by clicking here

As for the anonymity of the buyer, is it preserved?

The services on this site are subject to strict confidentiality rules in which the anonymity of the buyer is fully protected both manually and by encrypting the data, making the data entered on this site completely inaccessible to third parties and hackers.

Do we need to question the veracity of your document?

buying Driving License Without Test

Of course no, The driving license you get is totally legal and registered in the state databases concerned with your document so that you never have any problems with the police or any other institution or person.

Buying Driving License Without Test


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